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Men’s Traveling Clothes: Travel in Comfort & Style

Remember when you were in elementary school and your teacher told you not to run in the hallway? You probably never thought about running in the hallway until you were told you couldn't. Remember when your mom told you not to knock over your brother's lego tower and suddenly nothing sounded more appealing?
In the same way, travel never sounded more appealing than when a pandemic prohibited it. For a lot of us, 2020 awakened our inner thrill seeker. Maybe you spent your time in quarantine planning out your next great adventure, whether by car or by air travel.
Maybe you're traveling for business and you've mourned the loss of your dream to travel comfortably. Sure it sounds nice, but what about that client meeting you have right after your flight? You think, "I might as well endure the discomfort of traveling in a suit for the sake of convenience."
Or maybe you're traveling for pleasure. You have fully embraced the comfort of your worn-out and tattered sweats. We get it, no one wants to wear stiff pants while they're traveling. But come on, people are staring...
No matter the mode of transportation or the occasion for your travel, Public Rec has what you need to travel in both comfort and style. No more compromising style for comfort or vice versa.

Men's Travel Apparel From Public Rec

 You're probably thinking we've presented an impossible task: buy clothing that is comfortable for travel while upholding your stylish reputation. We promise we're not bluffing; it's possible. So, without further ado, here are some offerings from Public Rec that will have you stepping off the plane in style.

Option #1: The All Day Every Day Jogger

We love a good pair of joggers. They have that stylish edge that makes them a little sleeker and more breathable than sweats. We can all relate to that casual airport jog that happens when we're trying to find the gate for our connecting flight. These joggers can keep up with your pace.
The elastic waistband will keep these pants in place throughout the moving and grooving of airline travel. Made from nylon and spandex, they're also the perfect pant to keep you cool and dry as you move about the cabin. With front and back zipper pockets, keep all your valuables safe, secure, and easily accessible.
These pants also look as great as they feel. They come in a variety of colors so why just buy one pair? The cuffed hems provide a polished finish and the faux front fly gives you that stylish look we've been telling you about.

Option #2: Workday Pant 2.0

Need something a little more formal than joggers? Check out our Workday Pant 2.0. We upgraded our workday pants to now include more room in the seat and thighs for added comfort and flexibility. These pants are perfect for those moments when you're traveling for a business trip and your work obligations begin almost immediately after you deplane.
They are designed both for style and comfort. These pants come with a back zipper pocket that keeps everything safe. These pants come with five pockets so you can store your passport, wallet, or boarding passes without fear of losing anything. This pant also has belt loops and a front zipper fly that elevates it to new levels of style and professionalism.
They are a great alternative to jeans or khakis because of their classic look and comfortable feel. They are also water and wind-resistant, keeping you protected in all the unknown and unexpected surprises of travel.

Option #3: Pro Weekender and Pro Travel Kit

Consider these a quintessential pairing like wine and charcuterie boards, grilled cheese, and tomato soup... you get our point. The Pro Weekender is your best bet for style and practicality. It comes in heather black and heather grey, making it your most sophisticated bag yet. It is water-resistant and highly durable, able to withstand whatever life, or the baggage claim, throws at it.
With internal and external pockets, keep everything you need neatly organized and in order. If you run out of room in those zipper pant pockets, the pro weekender has plenty.
Consider also the Pro Travel Kit for all your toiletries. Who said your toothbrush can't experience what it's like to ride in style. It has an internal hook for easy access hanging if you need to freshen up in the airport bathroom. The pro travel kit comes in heather grey and heather black so you can match your pro weekender.

Option #4: Go-To Hoodie

When flying, long sleeves are a must. Nothing is more miserable than when you're trying to get some shut-eye but as the plane is rising in altitude, the cabin is dropping in temperature. Even if you're traveling in the summertime, pop this Go-To Hoodie into your pro weekender. Trust me, you'll be happy you have it.
This hoodie has a relaxed, athletic fit that will adapt to your movement as you travel. It also comes in a variety of colors so you can create the perfect travel outfit. It is made from 69% pima cotton, so comfort and warmth are its priority.
It is also made from material that is wrinkle-resistant, making it the best travel companion. Storing it away in your bag won't jeopardize its look nor will you need to worry about wrinkling it if you tend to toss and turn in your seat.
These are just a few men's traveling options that we offer at Public Rec. Now, let's look at some more essential information when considering how to dress for travel.

Tips for How To Dress for Travel

Choose your underwear wisely. It is wise to consider what to wear underneath these stylish travel offerings. Nothing will ruin a flight or a long car ride quite like underwear that is bunching up. Choosing the right pair of underwear will give you that extra dose of comfort that will make those long stretches of sitting a little more enjoyable.
Consider your feet. There are a few things to remember when picking out your travel shoes. First, your feet tend to swell during air travel. Choose a pair of shoes that are easy to breathe in and that will be comfortable whether sitting or standing.
Second, remember airport security. Nothing is more stressful than fumbling to untie and tie your shoes before and after going through airport security. If possible, opt for a pair of slip-on shoes that will make going through security a slightly more enjoyable experience.
Dressing for a road trip. We haven't talked much about road trips. However, the same rules apply here. There's something about traveling long hours in the car that makes me feel less than appealing to the eye when I finally reach my destination. Perhaps because it's easy to forgo style when you're more hidden from the public eye than traveling through an airport.
However, choosing to dress for comfort and style is just as important on the road as it is in the air. Wearing comfortable clothing allows you to sit back, relax, and enjoy the ride. Opting for stylish pieces ensures that you're dressed and ready to make as many stops along the way.
Forgo the jeans. While there's nothing wrong with wearing jeans while traveling, there are much better options. Jeans look great, especially your favorite pair that makes your butt look just right-you know the ones.
But most often, they are not the optimal choice because they don't bend and stretch the way that joggers or sweats do. Remember that you will be sitting for long stretches of time so the softer the pant, the better.

More Tips for Travel

Go for layers. Layering is the best way to stay ahead of the game when traveling. Pairing a classic T-shirt with a hoodie allows you to keep up with the changing temperatures as you travel to your destination. Airplanes tend to be chilly which can be deceiving if temperatures will be high at your destination.
Sport a hat. Not only can a classic cap tie your travel outfit together, but it can also hide that hair that you didn't have time to wash. A great hat can also protect you from changing weather during your trip. The city cap at Public Rec is a sharp option with its adjustable leather strap.
So, our hope is that you are now convinced. We know you were skeptical when we proposed that you could look great and feel confident while still remaining comfortable. At Public Rec, the goal is comfort. This means that all of our styles will leave you feeling and looking your best.
When you think of looking professional while traveling, we hope your mind no longer defaults to a suit and tie. We also hope you're planning out your next trip now that you have an endless list of travel outfit pairings. So go ahead, keep daydreaming about your next vacation and while you're at it, pick up some of Public Rec's essential travel wear.

Frequently Asked Questions on Travel Clothes

How do you dress for travel? When traveling, it is important to opt for clothing that is comfortable and stylish. Choosing pants like joggers is a great choice because they offer comfort as well as lots of pockets for storing your valuables. Layering is also great for keeping up with the changing temperatures as you travel.
What shoes are best for traveling? Keep in mind that you will be moving around a lot so you want a shoe that can move with you. A slip-on shoe will be your best option for air travel if you want to move quickly through security. Because your feet tend to swell during air travel, choose loose-fitting shoes. If you are opting for shoes with laces, tie them loosely so they will be easy to put on and take off.
What are the best pants for travel? The All Day Every Day Jogger and the Workday Pant 2.0 make the best pant options for travel. They take the place of dress pants or jeans and offer a comfortable yet stylish look. They both also come with zipper pockets that keep important items like passports and wallets safe in the hustle and bustle of travel.
What are the best shirts for travel? The Go-To Hoodie is great to keep your top half warm during travel. It is lightweight and durable as well as wrinkle-resistant. It is the perfect layering piece to wear or keep in your travel bag. Go for a lightweight T-shirt or long sleeve underneath.
What is the best bag for travel? The Pro Weekender is your go-to bag for any trip. Whether flying or taking a road trip, this bag has what you need. Made with internal pockets, this bag is perfect for keeping all of your belongings organized. Pair this with the pro travel kit for optimum storage of your toiletries. Both bags are water-resistant and highly durable making them an investment for the long haul.

Wrapping It Up

Get ready to look good while traveling, and feel comfortable while doing it.
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