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Pants Too Tight? Here’s What You Can Do

The comfort of our clothing impacts the quality of our day. You wouldn’t walk around in a pair of shoes that are too small. Your toes would cramp and your heels would blister. So why do we subject ourselves to essentially the same discomfort by wearing pants that are too tight? 
Often it is because we don’t know how to distinguish if a pair of pants are too tight or if it is just the stiffness of the fabric. Perhaps it could be the style of the pants as well, for instance, a skinny jean, that feels constricting. 

Your Pants Are Too Tight

Let’s start by pinpointing how to know if your pants are too tight. 

Can You Get Them on Without Jumping?

Some of us are all too familiar with the hop, skip, and jump that is necessary to shimmy into our pants. Sure it adds a little cardio into our morning, but is it really needed? If you are working too hard to pull yourself into your pants, it is a good indication that they are too tight. The right pair of pants will glide on without much effort at all.

Can People Tell What’s in Your Pocket?

If someone can look at you and tell you what you have in your pockets, your pants are too tight. This goes without saying but we shouldn’t be able to see the outline of your keys or the shape of your phone. Pants that give away the contents of your pockets are almost always too tight. 

Can You Move?

This may sound obvious, but you want to be able to move easily while wearing your pants. You don’t want any restriction of movement. Try sitting or bending your knees when trying on your next pair of pants. 

Do Your Pants Button Easily?

Whether or not you can button your pants with ease may be a good way to determine if your pants are too tight. You should not have to wrestle with your button in an attempt to secure it. 

What To Do if Your Pants Are Too Tight

Take Your Measurements

Have your pants been feeling uncomfortable? It may be time to take your measurements again. You may have convinced yourself that the size you have been buying for years is the right size for you. However, you may find after taking your measurements that missing your size by an inch can create a drastic change. 
Waist: Public Rec offers pants that are measured by the waist and the inseam. Your pants may feel too tight because your waist measurement is off. It could be possible that you are taking your measurements at the wrong part of your body. 
Here are some tips for measuring your waist:
  • Use a soft tape measure that will mold to your body
  • Determine if you will be purchasing low rise or high rise pants
  • For low rise pants, measure your waist at the hipbone
  • For high rise pants, measure at the narrowest part of the waist
Inseam: At Public Rec, we also measure pants by the inseam. The inseam is the length of the pant from the crotch to the ankle hem. Wearing pants that have a shorter inseam can lead to the feeling of pants being too small or snug. Finding your inseam measurement may help combat the chronic tight-pant syndrome. 
Here are some tips for measuring your inseam:
  • Use a soft tape measure 
  • Measure from the crotch to the ankle
  • Hold the tape measure straight for an accurate reading
Finding your exact measurements will help you avoid the discomfort that comes from pants that are too tight. 

Change Up the Style

Perhaps your discomfort is due to the style of pants that you are buying. Men’s pants come in all different fits including skinny, slim, straight, and loose. If your pants are constantly feeling too tight and restrictive, it may be time to consider a different style.
While skinny and slim jeans may flatter some builds, they are not styles that are preferred by all. If you find yourself always gravitating toward the slimmer pant leg by habit, you may want to try styles that provide more room for movement. 
Public Rec offers various styles of men’s pants that range beyond your average slim fit or skinny jeans. They also vary in fabric and color, creating high levels of versatility. 
The All Day Every Day Pant is a great option if you are trying to move away from pants that hug every curve. This pair of pants is made from material that is both soft and stretchy, avoiding the stiff and constricting feeling of pants that are too tight. Made from nylon and spandex with a loose leg fit, these pants offer great mobility.
The All Day Every Day Pant is a great workday or leisure pant so feel free to replace your tight-fitting pants with a pair of these. 
Another style option when avoiding tight-fitting pants is the jogger. Offered in three varieties, (The All Day Every Day Jogger, The Stadium Jogger, and The Weekend Jogger), this style offers great comfort while giving the same appearance of slim-fitting pants. These styles also include an elastic waistband, which makes finding the right size easier. 
The Workday Pant 2.0 is another alternative that provides a more formal appearance. These pants give you the permission to feel comfortable in the office because you’ll look great at the same time. If you constantly find yourself buying chinos or dress pants that are too tight, the Workday Pant 2.0 is a great alternative.
These pants are designed with a roomier fit in the thighs and bottom. Made from polyester, these pants offer a stretchy alternative to your average work pants. 
If you are searching for styles that leave you feeling comfortable, try out some of these offerings from Public Rec and up the enjoyment of your day. 

Pay Attention To the Fabric

The fabric you choose will have a great deal to do with the level of comfort you experience. Some fabrics, if stiffer, can create the sensation of pants that are too tight. You will want to pay attention to a few things when considering the fabric of your next pair of pants.
Is the fabric breathable? Oftentimes, heavyweight fabrics can cause a feeling of restriction. Opting for pants that are made from more lightweight fabrics will give the sensation that you’re wearing nothing. This means that even if your pants are a tighter style, they will still feel comfortable because the fabric is light and breathable. 
The Stadium Jogger is made from lightweight material that is a mix of nylon and spandex. While it is cuffed, creating a tighter fit at the bottom, these pants will still be comfortable because of the material and loose fit at the thighs. 
Is the fabric moisture-wicking? Added moisture will cause the fabric to stick to the body. This can also create the feeling of tight pants because the fabric is clinging to the skin. Finding fabrics that are moisture-wicking will result in long-lasting comfort. 
Choosing the right fabric for your pants could be the first step in creating a more comfortable experience. 


How can you tell if your pants are too tight? There are a few different ways of deciding whether or not your pants are too tight. One way is to consider if you can put them on and take them off with ease. 
If pulling your pants on is a chore, they may be too tight. Another way of knowing if your pants are too tight is if you can see the outline of objects in your pocket. If your keys or phone are easily distinguishable from the outside, your pants are too tight.
What can you do if your pants are too tight? If you are finding that the pants you keep buying are too tight, there are a few things you should do. For starters, you will want to make sure that your measurements are correct. This may mean taking the measurements of your waist, hips, and inseam to ensure a better fit next time. 
Next, you’ll want to consider the style. Maybe you're finding that your pants are too tight because you're opting for tighter styles that may not be flattering to your body type. Try pants that are straight-legged or loose fitting and see if those styles provide a more comfortable fit. Lastly, you’ll want to pay attention to the fabric. Bulky fabrics can create a tighter feel so you will want to look for lightweight, breathable fabrics. 

Wrapping It Up

No matter the occasion, you want to know that your pants will keep you feeling comfortable. When pants are too tight, it not only causes discomfort but an unflattering appearance. Make sure you are never caught with overly snug pants by following these tips and try out these pant offerings from Public Rec.
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