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What To Wear To a Casual Brunch: A Comfy Guide

Nothing needs to be said about why brunch is delicious; pancakes and bacon speak for themselves. But aside from breakfast plates and mimosas, a large part of the appeal is that brunch is a social experience. When people gather for brunch, there always seems to be a celebratory feel about it, even if there’s nothing to officially celebrate. 
As with any social setting or celebration, you have decisions to make when it comes to how you’re going to dress. If you get stuck deciding what to wear out to brunch, you can’t go wrong keeping it casual, chic, and comfortable. Follow this guide for outfit suggestions that men and women can wear to everyone’s favorite mid-morning meal. 

Dress Casual, Chic, and Comfortable for Brunch 

Okay, but besides the three C’s that make it easier to remember, why is casual, classic, and comfortable the guide to dressing for brunch? 


Brunch is an inherently casual meal. It’s a late breakfast, leaving you time to sleep in. It often takes place on the weekends or vacations, centered around relaxation. It’s perfect for a slow day and is complimented well by a follow-up nap.
Given that brunch is usually part of a slow and leisurely day, casual clothing is the way to go. 


While brunch is casual, it’s still fashionable. It’s a popular outing for young people after a night of drinking (some claim that brunch is the most delicious way to cure a hangover). The point is, brunch is hip, and so ideally you want to dress chic while you keep it casual. 
Dressing chic for brunch goes back to the idea of brunch as a celebratory social gathering. It’s somewhat of a special occasion. You don’t want to wear a tuxedo or a ball gown, but a fashionable meal is best enjoyed wearing fashionable clothing. 


If you plan on indulging in pancakes, bacon, omelet, hash browns, and whatever other delectable brunch items are on the menu, you’re going to have to be comfortable. You don’t want to wear stiff pants or your slim-fitting button-up that just barely fastens. Instead, reach for clothing with a relaxed fit and a stretchable fabric. 
You’ll thank yourself when you’re leaned back in the breakfast booth with an empty plate and a full stomach. 

Brunch Outfits for Women 

Sneakers + Jeans + Sweatshirt 

Comfy jeans with a clean pair of sneakers and a sweatshirt is an easy, no-frills brunch outfit. Every part of the outfit is casual and comfortable. Create the chic element in this outfit by wearing a sweatshirt with high-end materials and design, like this luxuriously soft funnel neck. 

Joggers + Boots + Coat 

Joggers are probably the most comfortable pants you can wear to brunch, especially a pair with an adjustable drawstring, like these. They’re also a great start to a stylish casual outfit. Pair joggers with boots and a long chore coat or duster. Under your coat wear something that will still look good if you decide to remove your coat. 
This outfit checks off the three C’s with a fashion-forward combination that’s loose-fitting up top with soft and stretchy bottoms. 

Soft Shorts + Basic T-Shirt + Espadrilles 

Style your favorite pair of lounge shorts with a basic t-shirt and a pair of espadrilles for a minimal, dainty outfit that you can wear to brunch and relax in all day long. Be sure to choose a quality t-shirt that fits well. Premium material not only feels great, but the drape of quality materials helps the perfect fit and luxury look you want.
This shorts and t-shirt outfit is ideal for warmer weather. However, if the weather is slightly cooler you can keep your shorts on and add a flannel to the outfit. Wear it normally or tie it around your waist, it will add a bit of cozy warmth and look cute either way. 

High Waisted Joggers + Oversized T-Shirt 

High-waisted joggers and an oversized t-shirt are an effective one-two punch that’s great for wearing to brunch. These joggers look and feel fantastic, and might cause you to wear joggers more often than jeans.
Style your shirt partially tucked in, tied in a knot, or flowing free. And, because it’s quick and easy, you can save a few minutes of sleep before catching your brunch reservation. 

Leggings + Ankle Boots + Cropped Sweatshirt

A cropped sweatshirt and pair of leggings create a flattering silhouette. Add ankle boots in the mix to add a bit of structure to the look. The combination makes for another loose-fitting and stretchy outfit that you can wear to brunch in comfort and style. 

Loose Dress + Sandals 

What’s a one-piece outfit that’s casual, chic, and comfortable all at once? A loose-fitting dress checks all the boxes and makes for a great option for a brunch date with the girl gang. Wear it with a cute pair of sandals and you’re good to go. 

Coordinated Joggers and Sweatshirt 

The tracksuit has been a popular look in recent years, and not just for exercise. Stylish women have taken the color-coordinated look out of the athletic arena and into the streets and beyond. It’s even a look you can wear to brunch. 
Start with a pair of joggers and a matching top. This creates a monochromatic base that you can wear on its own or embellish with details in your accessories that will pop off of the blank canvas. Wear sneakers for a low-key vibe, or mix it up with a pair of booties or heeled sandals if you want. 

Brunch Outfits for Men 

Smart Pants + Polo + Sneakers 

A polo shirt is a classic brunch choice. It’s comfortable and sharp but still casual. You can wear it untucked, which is ideal if you’re going to be housing stacks of pancakes. Keep with the smart casual look with these pants. They’re amazing, by the way, and you’ll probably end up wearing them more than anything else you own. 
Finish off the look by complimenting the athletic origins of the polo shirt with a pair of clean, minimalistic leather sneakers. 

Monochrome + Contrasting Jacket 

Create a stylish outfit with a simplified color scheme by starting with a monochromatic outfit and wearing a contrasting jacket on top. Here are a few examples:
One way you can create this look is by coordinating joggers and a sweatshirt to create a tracksuit look and then topping it off with the jacket of your choice. Light grey joggers and crew neck sweatshirt with a black or navy bomber jacket is a can’t miss look. 
Alternatively, you can start by creating a monochromatic base with a pair of khaki smart pants, a cashew henley, and a denim jacket. 

Chambray Shirt + Smart Pants>

Show some variety of texture and material by wearing a woven chambray shirt with a pair of smooth smart pants. These pants can easily take the place of sweat pants, denim jeans, or chinos, and definitely fit the bill for a casual brunch. 

Joggers + T-Shirt + Full Zip 

Joggers with a t-shirt and full zip make for a uniform, athletic look that, when done right, makes for a cool brunch outfit. How do you do it right?
For one, make sure the joggers, full zip, and t-shirt are all solid colors free of any logos or graphics. Secondly, choose pieces that are made with quality fabrics (always). And lastly, choose colors intentionally. 

Five-Pocket Shorts + Long Sleeve Henley + Loafers  

This outfit does everything to hint at tradition while remaining entirely casual. These five-pocket shorts take their design from a traditional pair of trousers, only they’re shorts and are made from a modern performance material. The button details on this long sleeve henley show a trace of where a collar might be. 
And loafers are the most chill dress shoes there are. 
The result is a put-together look that looks effortless and is well suited for a casual brunch with the boys. 

Loose Jeans + Half Zip 

If you’re going to wear jeans to brunch, you better make sure they’re loose-fitting and comfortable. Something with a bit of stretch wouldn’t hurt. You want to sit back and relax, not have to continually adjust your pants under the table. 
Jeans and a half zip make for a minimal outfit with just enough detail in the zipper to set it off. Slip-on sneakers will continue with the minimal theme well, but any sort of plain sneakers will do.

Shorts + V-Neck + Unbuttoned Shirt 

Wearing a v-neck underneath an unbuttoned shirt shows a choice detail of the v-neck and creates a laid-back, easygoing look. It’s also loose and comfortable, ideal for a weekend brunch. 
Match this pairing with these shorts. They’re a super versatile design and have performance capability with a casual look. The zipper pockets and faux front fly are details that further set them apart. 

Enjoy Brunch in Comfortable Style 

Going to brunch has become something of a big deal. It’s sure to be a good time with good food and friends. It’s a celebration of the simple things in life, the proof is in the mimosas. Dressing for the occasion can be part of the fun.
You don’t dress up fancy, but that doesn’t mean you can’t put some thought behind your outfit. If you enjoy brunch, you should enjoy it in the most comfortable, chic, and casual clothing that keeps up with the pace and vibe of a friendly brunch.
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